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Acai Berry & Mangosteen Bar Soap Apple Blossom Bar Soap Apple Pie Soap Autumn Bar Soap Bay Rum Bar Soap Blackberry Bar Soap Blackberry Pear Bar Soap Blueberry Bar Soap Calendula Bar Soap Candy Cane Bar Soap Chocolate Covered Cherry Bar Soap Chocolate Raspberry Bar Soap Christmas Bar Soap Cinnamon Spice Bar Soap Coconut Lemongrass Bar Soap Comfrey Aloe Bar Soap Cranberry Spice Natural Soap Bar Cucumber Melon Bar Soap Earthlight Bar Soap Eucalyptus Bar Soap Fisherman's Friend Bar Soap Garden Bar Soap Ginger Bar Soap Grapefruit Bar Soap Green Clover & Aloe Bar Soap Green Tea Bar Soap Kate & Emma's Bar Soap Lakeside Bar Soap Lavender Bar Soap Lemon Basil Bar Soap Mango Bar Soap Mulberry Bar Soap Musk Bar Soap Northwoods Bar Soap Oat 'n Honey Bar Soap Ocean Rain Bar Soap Orange Lavender Natural Soap Patchouli Bar Soap Pear Bar Soap Peppermint Bar Soap Peppermint Pattie Bar Soap Pine Bar Soap Pomegranate Bar Soap Pumpkin Patch Bar Soap Raspberry Vanilla Bar Soap Rum Raisin Bar Soap Sandalwood Bar Soap Spring Bar Soap Sunflower Bar Soap Sweet Sensations Bar Soap Sweetgrass & Sage Bar Soap Vanilla Lavender Bar Soap Wassail Bar Soap Watermelon Bar Soap Wild Cherry Bar Soap Wild Fern Bar Soap Wild Rose & Sweetgrass Bar Soap Z.Z. Complexion Bar Soap
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World Class Handmade Natural Soap

Making handmade natural soap is a process. Making artisan world-class natural soap is an art. Our master soap makers developed their skills from 30 years' experience. Their absolute passion for making handmade soap is reflected in every luxurious bar. Compare our soap to competitors’. Discover that all natural soap is not the same. Join our growing list of customers who settle for nothing less.

Blackberry Creek's Natural Soap is Unique

That’s because our expert, experienced and passionate soap makers are dedicated to continuous improvement by incorporating new, innovative techniques. Compare our soap. It's obvious. Discover why people prefer Blackberry Creek Soaps.

Real Handmade Soap

Our handmade soap is made from scratch, in small batches. It's hand-stirred and hand-poured into molds. It's allowed to cure for 6 to 8 weeks. It's then hand-cut and hand-wrapped.

Cold-Processed Natural Soap

Cold process soap benefits include preserving moisturizing glycerin and the full potency of vitamins and antioxidants.

Handmade Natural Soap That's Easy to Use

Doesn't it just make common sense to make natural bar soap in a shape that conveniently fits in your hand, soap dishes and the standard built-in soap holders around tubs and showers? We think so!

Exceptionally Beautiful and Fragrant Natural Soap

Each soap's beauty and fragrance is long-lasting because all-natural colorants and fragrant oils are artfully blended throughout the entire soap bar. Our soaps provide unmatched aromatherapy benefits because fragrances are true and pleasing but not overpowering.

Great Soaps for Spring!

Apple Blossom Bar SoapSpring Bar Soap
Don't let bugs ruin your spring and summer!
Shoofly Soap & SprayShoofly Soap & Spray Natural Insect Repellent works better than chemical laden commercial repellents for Black Flies, Deer Flies, Yellow Flies, Gnats, Mosquitoes and No-See-Ums. Order now so you have it when you need it!
3.5 oz. Soap
4 oz. Spray
8 oz. Spray
  • About Our Handmade Soap
  • How Olive Oil Soap Benefits Your Skin
  • All Natural Handmade Soap is Not Equal
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  • We have...
    • 30 years' experience making natural handmade soap, lotions, creams, balms and more; and
    • over 60 varieties ensures we have a soap everyone in your family will love and to address every type of skin or skin problem.
  • Our natural soap is...
    • exceptionally mild soap great for everyone and especially for people with sensitive skin;
    • made using only the finest natural ingredients;
    • 100% vegetable based and contain no animal fats;
    • made using Extra Virgin Olive Oil;
    • earth-friendly... all essential oils, colorants, rich butters, botanicals and other ingredients are biodegradable;
    • 100% handmade from scratch;
    • cold-processed to preserve natural moisturizing glycerin and the full potency of vitamins and antioxidants;
    • hand-stirred, cut and packaged;
    • naturally antibacterial and anti-allergenic; and
    • available with special characteristics to help people with skin conditions.
    • cruelty free... never tested on animals.
  • Our soaps...
    • have beautiful colors and patterns using only all-natural colorants mixed throughout the soap so it stays beautiful while you use it;
    • have true fragrances that are pleasing and not overpowering;
    • contain...
      • at least 50% Extra Virgin Olive Oil to nourish and moisturize your skin making it look younger and more radiant;
      • Coconut Oil that quickly makes rich, luxurious lather in the hardest water;
      • Palm Oil to harden the soap making it longer-lasting;
    • rinse away quickly without removing your skin's natural oils so critical for healthy skin;
    • are allowed to cure for 6 to 8 weeks so they last longer and to make sure all sodium hydroxide is neutralized so the soap is completely mild and non-irritating to your skin;
    • have no artificial preservatives (Shelf life of one year. Store soaps in a cool, dry place.); and
    • lastly, make perfect gifts for any occasion.
Olive OilBlackberry Creek Handmade Natural Olive Oil Soap contains at least 50% pure extra virgin olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil is the highest grade olive oil available. It's very expensive. But only the best, all-natural ingredients are used in Blackberry Creek soap.

Blackberry Creek doesn't cut any corners in manufacturing the best natural handmade soap available anywhere. Why? Because the people who manufacture Blackberry Creek Soap have extremely sensitive skin. Their family uses the soap. And their customers are treated like family.

Why is olive oil soap good for you?
Olive oil has been known to be good for you since 500 B.C. and is one of Nature's most beneficial products. We all know that olive oil reduces cholesterol when you consume it with foods. But did you know that consuming olive oil is also good for your skin? Olive oil is a monounsaturated fatty acid that contains linolenic, alpha-linolenic, and oleic acid. These acids help the body manufacture prostaglandins which moisten the skin and make it smoother and more firm. Olive oil contains antioxidants which fight cell degeneration. Hydroxytyrosol is a very powerful antioxidant found only in olive oil.

Olive oil...
  • softens and smooths your skin and is great for dry and sensitive skin because olive oil is a fantastic emollient (an agent that softens or soothes the skin);
  • relieves the symptoms of skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis;
  • doesn't clog your pores because it is non-greasy making it great for people who suffer from Acne;
  • contains squalene and squalane, also naturally produced by the sebum glands in the skin, that work together to help prevent the skin's natural oils from oxidizing which could lead to cell deterioration; and lastly
  • contains hydroxytyrosol with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that helps heal skin abrasions, rashes and sunburn.

Blackberry Creek offers all the fantastic benefits of olive oil in its soap and handcrafts it in a way that benefits not only the skin but the senses as well. That's because it's incredibly beautiful and delicately scented. It's the best olive oil soap money can buy.

Making Natural Handmade Soap is an Art as Well as a Science
You can read books and/or take classes and that's all good for a great start. But the key to producing great, world-class handmade soap is experience. When you're working with true, natural ingredients there will be subtle differences that affect the batch and there are ways to compensate. And it's just not a matter what ingredients. It's knowing how to combine them. Some handmade soap companies will actually show pictures using power mixers to make their soap. I reality there is no substitute for hand-stirring to produce the best soap. It just takes longer and is more labor intensive.
Not All Handmade Soap is Handmade
Many soap companies buy large commercial slabs. They melt the slabs and add ingredients. All our soaps are truly handmade from scratch.
Not All Natural Soap is Natural
Some companies will add just one natural ingredient to their soap and then call in natural soap. There are no labeling requirements for natural soap.

Does natural soap have a shelf life?

Unlike commercial soaps, natural soap contains no preservatives. Therefore natural soap does have a shelf life. Blackberry Creek tells me their soap has a shelf life of about one year. It is always best to store natural soap in a cool, dry place until you're ready to use it.

The fact that natural soap does have a shelf life is an incentive to you to buy your soap online from a reputable source. Natural soap is expensive to stock in specialty stores and store owners are reluctant to dispose of obsolete inventory. Always smell the soap found on specialty store shelves to make sure the soap has not become rancid.

Blackberry Creek creates their soap in small batches to insure the rapid turnover of inventory. It's a more expensive way but the best way to run a natural soap company.

Why does handmade natural soap cost so much?

First, the all-natural ingredients used to produce Blackberry Creek Soap are the highest quality ingredients available. Making natural soap is extremely labor intensive which is particularly true when manufacturing soap as beautiful as Blackberry Creek Soaps.

Second, it depends what you're comparing it to. My soap is priced very competitively with other all-natural soaps. Of course it's more expensive than commercial soaps. Most commercial soaps extract many of the most useful substances in their soap while hot processing thousands of pounds of soap at the same time. Most noticeably they extract the glycerin from the soap. Glycerin is important for moisturizing your skin. The commercial soap companies are happy to sell the glycerin back to you in their lotions and creams to treat the conditions their soap causes you in the first place.

Third, put the cost of natural soap in perspective. How many baths or showers can you take using a 3.5 oz. bar of natural soap? 30? 40? Let's use thirty for an example. We currently charge $ 4.97 for a bar of natural soap. That would mean it costs you about 14 cents for each shower or bath. Suppose your bath takes 15 minutes. How many things can you think of that are this pleasurable and healthy for you that you can enjoy for 15 minutes for 14 cents? You can indulge yourself 15 minutes each day for a month for about the cost of a cup of Starbucks coffee that you drink in five minutes that isn't that good for you.

Lastly, if you use high quality Blackberry Creek Soap you don't need the plethora of moisturizing products most people need to replace the moisture in your skin the cheap commercial soap removes.

So is it expensive? No. And I didn't even consider the value of the beauty and incredible fragrance this soap adds to your home 24 hours a day when you're not taking a bath or a shower. Blackberry Creek Soap is a bargain.

Aren't the shipping costs high for a bar of soap?

We add nothing for handling. We try and usually do break even on the amount we charge for shipping.

We do recommend that you buy three or more bars of soap to minimize your cost for shipping.

Do you really use the highest grade of extra virgin olive oil in all your soap?

Yes, and it's expensive. But only the very best ingredients go into Blackberry Creek Soap. It's important to us to know that we provide the best possible natural handmade soap to our customers.

Will the soap I receive look exactly like the soap appears on the web site?

Blackberry Creek Natural Handmade Soap is produced in small batches and hand-stirred. Soaps never appear exactly the same twice. That's because there are variations in the color in the natural ingredients used. Furthermore the images on the web site are produced using a calibrated computer monitor to produce the closest possible reproduction of the colors of the soap photographed for the product pictures. There is no guarantee that the colors produced by your graphics card on your computer monitor will be the same. I do give you a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. I know how beautiful this natural soap is and I feel confident you'll agree.

Are all-natural soap bars exactly 3.5 oz.?

No, because the bars are hand cut. We do guarantee that each natural soap bar is at least 3.5 oz.

Is there anything I can do to make my bar of natural soap last longer?

Yes. Simply use a soap dish with ridges that elevate the soap to prevent it from sitting in water. The ridges also allow the soap to dry between each use. Your natural soap will last up to 50% longer . Don't let the soap soak in bath water while you're using it. Store unused soap in a cool, dry place.

Why don't I get that squeaky clean feeling when I use natural soap that I get from commercial soap?

I couldn't be happier that you don't get that feeling when you use our soap! Why? Because that squeaky clean noise you get rubbing your hand over your skin means that the detergent ridden commercial soap you've been using has taken all of the natural moisture out of your skin. Healthy, clean skin is not naturally squeaky. So I hope you remain "squeak less"!

I've heard that 100% olive oil soap is available. Wouldn't that be better than soap that's only 50% olive oil?

I personally tried an imported bar of 100% olive oil soap that my wife got as a gift. It's very expensive... almost twice as much per bar. But I'm not criticizing the price because extra virgin olive oil is very expensive. Olive oil is good for you... that's why we use it. But there are other things that are equally good for your skin and that make it better, more usable soap. That's why we use those ingredients as well. I also didn't feel that my skin felt as good when I used the 100% olive oil soap.

I didn't like using the 100% olive oil soap because it just didn't lather well probably because I have extremely hard water. But Blackberry Creek Soap lathers well regardless of the hardness of your water because... you guessed it... the other natural ingredients it contains (palm oil).

The soap I tried was not beautiful in any way and did not have any fragrance... I missed them both.

I will never criticize other soap companies. There are some great companies and good people making natural soap. I would encourage you to compare Blackberry Creek Soap to the competition. I welcome it. That way you can draw your own conclusions.

Why are some natural soaps less expensive?

There's no one answer. Many times, especially for a good soap company, you have to look at the weight of the bar of soap. Many vendors don't even tell you the weight of their bar of soap. So obviously, given the same quality of ingredients, a 2.5 ounce bar is going to cost less than our 3.5 oz. bar.

Do they use the same quality of ingredients? I've seen some natural soap sold at a price that's less than the cost of the raw materials used to make our soap and we obviously buy in bulk quantities.

Is it truly natural soap handmade from scratch or is it start out as a commercial slab? Is it hand-stirred and therefore more labor intensive?

So it could be any of these reasons, or combinations of these reasons, to explain why one soap is priced more or less than another. Our soap will always be priced fairly and to make it as affordable as possible to our customers to enjoy and use every day.

Why are many natural soaps cut into such an unusual large flat shape?

Some suggest the large, flat shape gives the illusion that you're getting more soap for the money. Others suggest they make it flat because people expect natural soap to be flat. Regardless of why it's flat, it's hard hold and easy to drop! Aside from the inconvenience of having to pick it up, did you ever drop soap on your foot? Ouch!

Blackberry Creek thinks natural soap should be easy to use. That's why their natural soap is made in a familiar, easy-to-hold 3.5 oz. bar that fits on conventional soap dishes and bath and shower soap holders.

Aggregate Rating: 4.4 / 5
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"LOVE LOVE your soaps. My first 10 are almost gone now. Am excited to try the shampoo bar... that will be a new experience for me... sounds fantastic from the reviews! Thank You" , Wood Lake, MN 09/10/13
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"Loved the Pumpkin soap sample and had to get a full sized bar! The Buddie's Bath Bar is the best soap! My buddies were so soft afterwards and lathered nicely! I look forward to trying my new goodies;)" , Fairhope, AL 08/23/13
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"Used your Shoofly Soap today for mowing the lawn. The black flies are very bad at this time. They swarmed around but only a few dove in and actually touched my face and none managed to bite. I am in the woods 2 or 3 times a week doing wildlife research in northwestern Illinois and will give it another go there. Thanks for a fine product. Might I suggest that you offer a nice soap bar container for travel. A Blackberry Creek soap box would be a perfect companion for storing a used bar." , Morrison, IL 06/11/13
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"I especially like the Sweetgrass & Sage Soap, Sandalwood and Acai Berry. I just haven't tried any others yet. But I'm sure I'll fully enjoy them when I do!!:) Your faithful customer for life, ..:)" , Oakdale, CT 06/13/13