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Tropical Chemical-Free Shampoo Bar

Tropical Chemical-Free Shampoo Bar Soap
"The shampoo bar (Tropical Shampoo Bar) works wonderful on my hair without conditioner and works on my face and body too!"
Scarlett H., Baxter, TN
Blackberry Creek products are chemical-free and healthy. Their Tropical Shampoo Bar is a chemical-free shampoo that's healthy for both your hair and scalp because there are no detergents, artificial fragrances, colorants or preservatives. In fact Blackberry Creek Soaps had its start when a Wisconsin family tried to find chemical-free alternatives to commercial soaps because of their sensitive skin condition.

Tropical Shampoo Bar Soap's smells fantastic. It has a gentle fragrance of lemon and coconut. But being chemical-free and great-smelling doesn't mean a thing unless it gets you hair
clean and leaves your hair manageable. And according to my customers' comments it does an absolutely great job not only
on your hair but on your entire body!

Tropical Chemical-Free Shampoo Bar Unwrapped
Just wet your hair and rub the Tropical Shampoo Bar Soap on your head. You get instant, thick lather even in the hardest water and a great fragrance. It's a great shampoo you really have to try.
Tropical Chemical-Free Shampoo Bar Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), Distilled Water, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Castor Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Kukui Nut Oil, Sodium Hydroxide*, Essential Oils, Extra Nutrients.

 It's also nice that it's a chemical-free shampoo bar. There are no bottles to break... no lids to leak. So you have a great, incredibly healthy all-natural shampoo that's easy to take to the gym... to take camping. And since it's not a liquid you don't have problems at the airport. And again it's great for your whole body so you only have to carry one healthy, chemical-free product.

The Tropical Shampoo bar is great for those of you like myself that care about what you're releasing into the environment. Again...as you can see below... the ingredients are all-natural and immediately biodegradable.

But I want to emphasize again that while it's perfect for traveling I have a number of customers who wouldn't use anything else whether they're traveling or not.

I recently purchased your shampoo soap and I absolutely LOVE it...my scalp is extremely dry which causes embarrassing flaking… but after using it only twice I have seen a vast improvement.
Marsha R., Kansas City, MO 8/31/11


Tropical Chemical-Free Shampoo Bar Soap
3.5 oz $4.97

* So how can it be chemical-free shampoo if it contains the chemical sodium hydroxide? Sodium hydroxide is used in all soap-making and is the catalyst for turning fats into soap through
a process called saponification. The sodium hydroxide is neutralized and totally consumed in the saponification process. So it's an ingredient but it's consumed in the soap-making process and gone from the final product. Tropical Soap... like all Blackberry Creek Soaps... is chemical-free shampoo.


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