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Blackberry Creek's Natural Handmade Lip Balm is non-medicated and ultra-moisturizing. It's available in 17 fantastic flavors in both pots and tubes.
Did you ever notice how it seems you need more and more lip balm to keep your lips from cracking? So you use more logically thinking that if you weren't using it things would be a lot worse. Some people use so much lip balm it seems like they're addicted to using it. Depending on the brand of lip balm you're currently using... there's another plausible explanation other than addiction. Your lip balm could be causing the very problems you're attempting to fix with lip balm!

Blackberry Creek Natural Lip Balm is a non-medicated, all-natural lip balm designed to keep your lips soft, healthy and moist under extreme conditions. Each lip balm contains apricot kernel oil, beeswax, natural flavoring oil, and vitamin E oil... that's it. Read down this page now to find out why most times you don't want or need medicated lip balm...

Here are the ingredients we do include in Blackberry Creek Lip Balm and why we use them...
Apricot Kernel Oil Softens your lips and prevents evaporation of water. Also gives the lip balm lubrication for easy application and contains healing Vitamin E.
Beeswax Both human skin and beeswax contain wax esthers making it very compatible. Adds moisture to your lips and is a fantastic all-natural emulsifier.
Natural Flavoring Oil Makes the lip balm taste great!
Vitamin E Additional Vitamin E is added for additional natural healing.
Natural Coloring Makes it more fun to use.
Here are ingredients we don't include in our lip balm...
Take a look at commercial lip balm moisturizing cream and you'll see some additional ingredients like camphor or menthol which they include to heal cold sores... and that's OK... IF you actually have cold soars. But you don't have cold sores every day. The bad news about camphor and menthol is that those ingredients tend to dry your lips which is the very problem most people are trying to avoid!

Some commercial products include alpha hydroxy acids which are designed to exfoliate your lips... to get rid of the small flakes. But your body naturally exfoliates your lips approximately every 28 days... you don't need it... and alpha hydroxy acids dry out your lips.

Blackberry Creek's goal is simple...
If it's hot and dry... or cold and dry... we want to give you the best, healthiest lip balm possible to keep your lips from drying out and cracking.