Acai Body Butter
"Blackberry Creek Acai Body Butter is your 911 response to extremely dry skin... "

If you do a search for "what is body butter" on the Internet you'll find out that body butter is essentially lotion without the water and preservatives. High quality, natural body butter cream based on concentrated, rich seed and nut oils that both hydrate and protect your skin from cracking or becoming inflamed. These same oils act as an emollient softening and relaxing your skin to make it look younger.

Body butter won't wash off during the day like lotions because of the higher concentration of emollients. You use body butter all over your body except your face. And countless people tell you that once you've tried body butter you'll find out how wonderful it is and you won't want to live without it.

Well... the folks at Blackberry Creek couldn't agree more. But like everything else they decided to improve it. Here's what Blackberry Creek includes in their exceptional body butter cream that makes it stand out from the rest...

Shea Butter Absorbs quickly into the skin. Contains vitamins A, E and F for healthy skin balance and elasticity. Great for relieving joint and muscular aches and pains.
Babassu Oil Comes from the seed of the Babassu Palm and is 70% lipids. It's and excellent emollient great for moisturizing dry or oily skin and gives the body butter a cooling effect.
Avocado Oil Softens and moisturizes the skin and has superior regenerative properties. It's easily absorbed and adds collagen making it great for older people.
Mango Butter Protects against the Sun's UV rays and it's an all-natural emollient.
Mangosteen Oil Anti inflammatory, stimulates collagen production, regenerates skin and reduces wrinkles.
Capuacu Oil Rejuvenates the skin and is very similar to cocoa oil. It's rich in antioxidants.
Vitamin E Protects the skin and has anti-aging and healing benefits.
Jojoba Oil Relief of joint pain and inflammation.
Bees Wax Provides long-lasting skin protection. It's a moisturizer, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-allergenic, and germicidal.
Acai Oil Excellent anti-aging properties because of its extremely high levels of antioxidants.
Mochaccinno Butters A combination of cocoa and coffee bean butter that has incredible moisturizing and protective characteristics.
Blackberry Creek Acai Body Butter Cream
Acai Body Butter Cream
The fragrance is totally amazing! It's mostly mango... but it's more. It's absolutely wonderful!
Blackberry Creek Acai
Body Butter Cream
5 oz Container
Acai Body Butter Cream Open
Body butter is the perfect answer to hose seasons of the year when the elements are particularly bad for drying your skin.

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