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Facial Night Cream

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Facial Night Cream
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Blackberry Creek's handmade all-natural facial cream is the most luxurious and healthy night cream you'll ever experience.

Imagine the perfect facial cream. The perfect facial cream would be all-natural... with no chemicals... using only the best ingredients. The perfect facial cream would be non greasy... easily absorbed into your skin... and have a perfect fragrance. Apparently the sensitive skin care experts at Blackberry Creek were reading your mind! Introducing Blackberry Creek's Night Cream...

Whipped Shea Butter Absorbs quickly into the skin. Contains vitamins A, E and F for healthy skin balance and elasticity.
Aloe Oil Helps heal cuts and burns and eases pain and inflammation.
Apricot Kernel Oil Softens your skin and prevents evaporation of water. Also gives the facial cream lubrication for easy application and contains healing Vitamin E.
Manoi De Tahiti Oil Adds the subtle and exotic scent of Tahitian Gardenias.
Rice Bran Oil Used for centuries in Japan to promote smooth, silky skin. Helps to fade pigmentation. Also helps protect the skin from ultraviolet rays.
Evening Primrose Oil Anti inflammatory effect
Hempseed Nourishes the skin on a cellular level.
Tamanu Oil A moisturizer also effective in treating acne and sunburn.

Here's a benefit that has even surprised us!
Several people have reported that our facial cream made their eye lashes grow longer.