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Blackberry Creek Natural Deodorant is safe, herbal, effective and non-toxic and does not contain aluminum or propylene glycol.
Look at the list of ingredients on the deodorant you're currently using. Then take a look at the ingredients in Blackberry Creek All Natural Herbal Deodorant. Consider that you're applying deodorant to your underarms... right next to your lymph nodes. Given that both deodorants are effective, which deodorant would you want to be in contact with your underarms and lymphatic system?

Deodorant kills bacteria and therefore prevents sweat from smelling bad. Antiperspirant actually prevents you from sweating. So why did Blackberry Creek decide not to include antiperspirant ingredients? Because natural ingredients or otherwise, perspiring through your underarms is natural. Your body is supposed to perspire there because it not only helps to keep you cool but also gets rid of toxins. Blackberry Creek's goal is your health and well being. So it's obvious why they concentrated on producing the best natural deodorant money can buy.

It works great... smells absolutely wonderful... and it's no only healthy for your skin but for your whole body (see the benefits of castor oil below). No wonder Blackberry Creek Herbal Deodorant is brand new and already a big hit. Order yours today!

Natural Deodorant Ingredients:
Beeswax Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral. It thickens the other ingredients in the deodorant and creates a protective barrier that protects the skin without clogging the pores and both attracts and seals in moisture.
Coco Butter Long recognized for keeping your skin softer it also helps create a moisture barrier and provides a somewhat powdery feeling to the product. It also contributes to the wonderful fragrance.

Coconut Oil

Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and hydrates the skin.
Rosemary Antibacterial and contributes to the great fragrance.
Lavender Antibacterial and contributes to the great fragrance.
Castor Oil Uniquely antibacterial. It's also extremely healthy for the lymphatic system. This is something you want to apply to your underarms because it benefits your entire body.