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Blackberry Creek Soaps is a family owned and run company located in Lake Tomahawk, Wisconsin.
My name is Nolan and I do the website and Internet marketing for Blackberry Creek. I'm the person you talk to when you call the store. I run several businesses from my office. So when I return a call or try to contact you regarding an order the Caller ID will show NJN Consulting... you guessed it... another one of my businesses.
All Blackberry Creek products are painstakingly handmade using the highest quality all-natural ingredients available. Their products are unsurpassed in their incredible beauty, unforgettable all-natural fragrances and healthful benefits. That's a fancy way of saying that this is really wonderful and healthy olive oil natural soap. It honestly stands out from the rest and it's an absolute pleasure to use. That's because the lady who owns Blackberry Creek Soaps puts her heart and soul into making it.
The unique quality also reflects the untold number of hours spent learning how to make great soap. And she's never satisfied because she's always trying to make it better and add new varieties. I hope you enjoy your shopping experience and these great products.
If there is some way I can serve you better... make the website easier to use... or provide more information... just let me know by e-mailing me at