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Why is Sodium Hydroxide Used in Making Natural Soap?

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Sodium HydroxideHandmade Soap made from olive oil goes through a process called saponification which basically converts the liquid fats into soap and glycerin. Lye... which is sodium hydroxide...
is the catalyst in this conversion process.

The lye is totally consumed in the saponification process. So while a chemical called sodium hydroxide is listed as an ingredient the finished handmade soap does not contain any sodium hydroxide. All true handmade soap is made this way using lye. But no handmade soap actually contains sodium hydroxide when it's finished.

False Claims About Lye and Handmade Soap
If a soap company claims that they do not use lye in making their handmade soap and this somehow makes their soap more gentle on your skin what they're really telling you is that they... not the soap... are full of baloney. Their soap is detergent based which is terrible for your skin. Detergent is great for getting bugs off the windshield and bumper of your car but not so much for washing your face and the rest of your body.

Once again... all true, legitimate handmade soap is made using sodium hydroxide but no handmade soap contains sodium hydroxide. If you have any question please call me at 888-205-4477.