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Autumn Soap
Isn't this beautiful soap? It's Blackberry Creek's Autumn Homemade Natural Soap
What a great way to decorate your home for fall! Click here or on the Autumn Soap picture above to find out more.

"Blackberry Creek's goal is to make you the most beautiful, healthiest homemade soap money can buy..."
Homemade. The American Heritage Dictionary defines homemade as "made or produced in the home". This being the case, Blackberry Creek Soap is homemade soap in every sense of the word.

Several years ago a Wisconsin family sought a dermatologist's advice for treatment of their extremely sensitive skin. One primary recommendation was to try natural soap because ingredients in commercial soap are harsh and could be the source of their skin rashes.

But even the natural soap they bought irritated their skin. So they decided to take matters into their own hands and attempt to formulate their own homemade natural soap to meet their needs. After countless tries their persistence paid off. Their homemade soap was a success. No more rashes. No more itching.

Soon the word spread about their ultra-mild natural soap. More and more people with sensitive skin asked if they could buy some. Because of an increasing demand and the passion they developed for soap making, the Blackberry Creek Soap Company was born.

Apple Pie Soap
Yummy! Blackberry Creek Apple Pie Homemade Soap. It looks and smells like your Mom's homemade apple pie...guaranteed not to taste like your Mom's apple pie. But two out of three isn't bad! Click here to find out more about Apple Pie Soap...
Blackberry Creek now produces over 60 varieties of incredibly beautiful and healthy natural soap. Believe it or not, the soap is still homemade! A significant amount of the home's square footage has been devoted to making soap.

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