"There are huge differences between brands of natural soap..."
Autumn Soap
Isn't this beautiful soap? It's Blackberry Creek's Autumn Homemade Natural Soap. What a great way to decorate your home for fall!
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What is natural Soap? There's big difference between the way Blackberry Creek defines natural soap and the way many handmade and commercial soap companies define it. The problem is there is no legal definition of what soap must contain... or not contain... to be legally called natural soap.

Blackberry Creek makes its homemade natural soap from scratch in small cold-processed batches. Many other so-called natural soap companies start out with ready-made, mass produced commercial slabs that they then melt down, add a couple of ingredients of which at least on is supposed to be natural, and call it natural soap. But if you're really concerned about what you're putting on your skin you'll want all-natural soap.

So, if the label says all-natural the soap is natural soap, right? No, that would be too easy! Nobody goes to jail for calling their soap all-natural when it's not. So you have to go to the label. Look for preservatives. Natural soap doesn't contain preservatives. But don't stop there because the label doesn't necessarily tell you what's actually in the soap either. Look at the soap. Does it have extreme, unnaturally bright, loud colors? Is the smell extremely strong? If either of these conditions are true you're probably not looking at true natural soap.

All Blackberry Creek Handmade Natural Soap is made from 100% all-natural ingredients hand-selected to produce the highest quality natural skin care products on the planet.

  • No artificial colorants
  • No artificial fragrances
  • No preservatives
  • No fillers to add useless bulk to the soap

Cold processing retains the valuable glycerin in the soap lost in hot and commercial batch processing. The glycerin works with the extra virgin olive oil and natural butters used in Blackberry Creek Natural Soap to moisturize and soften your skin making it healthier and appearing younger.

Apple Pie Soap
Yummy! Blackberry Creek Apple Pie Natural Soap
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What's unique about Blackberry Creek Soap? Blackberry Creek's Soaps are considered unique for two reasons.

  1. Blackberry Creek Soap offers you incredibly beautiful natural soap. Look at the Apple Pie Soap in the picture on the left. It's beautiful soap, isn't it? It has the colors and smell of mouth-watering apple pie. It's soap making art in every sense of the word. It's found in all Blackberry Creeks Soaps

    Compare Blackberry Creek's Natural Soap with our competitors and see for yourself. Crafting this level of beauty requires extra effort from the soap-making artisans at Blackberry Creek. But they wouldn't settle for giving you soap that's anything less.
  2. Blackberry Creek Natural Soap is incredibly good for your sensitive skin. That's because the people who manufacturer Blackberry Creek Soap have extremely sensitive skin. In fact finding products gentle enough for them to use is what prompted them to start making soap in the first place.
The soap was that good that the word spread and other people with sensitive skin wanted to buy their soap. The absolute quality of the products created the demand from which the company was eventually born. There were certainly other natural soap companies available before Blackberry Creek, but evidently Blackberry Creek offers something more not found in other soaps. The people have spoken. Try Blackberry Creek Natural Soap today and discover the difference for yourself.
Christmas Soap
Blackberry Creek Christmas Homemade Natural Soap. The colors and smells of Christmas. Click here or on the Christmas Homemade Natural Soap picture above to find out more about this amazing seasonal soap.
You couldn't find a better gift. Who wouldn't enjoy using beautiful soap like this?

Congratulations, you've found it!
Look at Blackberry Creek's Christmas Soap pictured on the left. Still don't understand why the congratulations? Because after all these years you have finally found the perfect, inexpensive gift for all those "I never know what to get them people" on your list. You know who I mean. The music teacher. The neighbors. Keep a couple of bars of Christmas Soap on hand so you're prepared for unexpected gifts.

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