Raspberry Vanilla Soap
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The smell of rasberries brings back great memories for most people. The smell of freshly picked wild raspberries on a hot summer day... raspberry pie...raspberry vanilla ice cream. When I think about the smell of raspberries I think about the ice cream truck that drove through our neighborhood when I was a kid. Raspberry Popsicles were my favorite. When
I remember the color of my tongue, lips and cheeks I'm guessing it wasn't an all natural product!

One of the perks I get doing the website for Blackberry Creek is I get to try all their wonderful soaps and lotions. So I'm holding a bar or Raspberry Vanilla Soap as write this web page. It's always hard to describe a fragrance. It's especially hard when the fragrance is this wonderful. How about this? Try to remember the best smell of raspberries you ever had and then take that times two... or three. It's literally that good! I think a good description of their soaps... their appearance... their fragrances... is that they have real class.

It's also unbelievable good for your skin because it contains over 50% pure extra virgin olive oil. It lathers in the hardest water and rinses easily leaving your skin soft... moist... and feeling great.

Raspberry Vanilla Soap
3" x 2" x 1ΒΌ"
3.5 oz Bar

Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Distilled Water, Sodium Hydroxide. Essential and Fragrant Oils, Extra Nutrients.

3.5 oz $4.97
1.0 oz $2.97

This is one of my favorites. This soap is a pleasure to use. I know you're going to love it too!

5 Star Product Rating 5 / 5 Stars
"These (Raspberry Vanilla, Northwoods, Sunflower and Lavender) are our 4 favorite soaps! We still can't pick a favorite. " , Emmaus, PA
Wooden Soap Dish
Wooden Soap Dish
Your soap will last up to 50% longer if you have a soap dish that allows your soap to drain.
$3.97 ea.

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