Wholesale Handmade Natural Soap Products from Blackberry Creek
Note: We will not be taking on any new wholesale accounts at this time.
Blackberry Creek Soaps is one of the fastest growing handmade soap companies handcrafting over 50 kinds of natural soap. Here's what you need to know if you're interested in becoming a dealer...
Watch this video now to find out how to become a dealer for Blackberry Creek Soap and how to enter a wholesale soap order...

Regular Wholesale Discounts -
   Orders Up to 200 Bars

  • Blackberry Creek offers a 30% discount from the retail prices published on this website made up of two parts...
    • A 10% volume discount is automatically calculated when the total order... before any discount is considered reaches $75.00 and is available to any customer shopping on the website.
    • An additional 10% promotional discount calculated when the order reaches $75.00 when a wholesaler enters a Dealer Code on the first page of the Cart.
      • To obtain the Dealer Code, simply send a copy of your business license via e-mail, regular mail or fax. I will give you the Dealer Code as soon as the information is received.
        Here is the address information:
By Mail:

Blackberry Creek Soaps
Lake Tomahawk, WI 54539-9589

Corporate Wholesale Accounts - Orders > 200 Bars

  • Call for an estimate at 888-205-3317.

Wholesale Packaging

  • Standard Packaging with Blackberry Creek Soap Logo
  • Plain Paper Wrapped Soap
    The disadvantage here is that one of the main selling points for Blackberry Creek Soap is it's artistry. Obviously if it is wrapped in plain paper you can't see it. This is done at an extra cost of $.25/bar.
  • Clear Cellophane Wrapped Soap
    The disadvantage here is that another important selling point for Blackberry Creek Soap is it's perfect fragrance. If it's wrapped in cellophane the customer can't smell it. This is done at an extra cost of $.25/bar.
  • Custom Labeling
    Labels to be provided by the wholesale customer. This is done at an extra cost $.50/bar.


Shelf Life Considerations for Natural Soap

  • Blackberry Creek Soap contains no artificial preservatives. You should plan on a shelf life of approximately one year.
  • Excessive heat may affect shelf life.


Wholesale Returns

  • Blackberry Creek will of course take full responsibility for goods damaged in shipping.
  • Blackberry Creek will not be responsible for accepting the return of unsold merchandise.


Don't Forget to Consider Shipping Costs in Determining Your Cost Per Bar

One of the biggest drawbacks to selling soap wholesale is the cost of shipping it to the wholesaler because soap is heavy. Our shopping cart makes it easy for you to determine your per unit cost.
  • Simply enter the Dealer Discount Code and your Zip Code on the first page of the cart in the checkout process.
  • You then click on the Calculate button to review your freight cost alternatives. The freight is calculated based upon the total weight of the items in the cart and then referencing the actual shipper freight tables.
  • There is some additional weight and cost added for packaging. But the cost is very close to the actual cost.
Place an Order: 1-888-205-3317
Check Order Status: 1-715-277-3257
Fax: 610-670-7372
Lake Tomahawk, WI  USA  54539