"There are huge differences between brands of handmade soap..."

Making handmade soap is art as well as a process. You can read books and/or take classes and that's all good for a great start. But the key to producing great handmade soap is experience. When you're working with true, natural ingredients there will be subtle differences that affect the batch and there are ways to compensate. And it's just not a matter what ingredients. It's knowing how to combine them. Some handmade soap companies will actually show pictures using power mixers to make their soap. I reality there is no substitute for hand-stirring to produce the best soap. It just takes longer and is more labor intensive.

I think the best way to demonstrate the difference between handmade soaps is to compare the process to making a pie. My name is Nolan and I do the website for Blackberry Creek. And you can be glad the soapmeisters at Blackberry Creek are making your soap and not me. But I was raised and live in the Pennsylvania Dutch country of Pennsylvania. And one thing I do know about is great pie and I have the waistline to prove it. I would hazard a guess that many visitors on this site have never experienced a really great homemade pie because it's becoming a lost art.

Now I'm sure many pie companies were started by someone who made great homemade pies. But something happens when things get mass produced. There is absolutely no comparison to light, flaky and delicious homemade dough to the heavy, hard, non-flaky and tasteless dough that's mass produced. And the filling... how does mass produced pie filling get that way? It bears no similarity to the pie filling handmade from fresh fruit. And I won't even talk about the preservatives. But if you don't know any different you buy a pie at the store and it tastes pretty good.

Now, you could start out with a frozen pie crust and fill it with fresh fruit. Yes, that makes a better pie. A much better pie. Is it better than the commercially produced pie? Probably yes. So if you've never had a real handmade pie from scratch you would say it's the best pie you ever tasted and recommend it. This is not that different from soap producers who start with a commercially produced slab of soap and then add some natural ingredients. If you've never experienced real handmade natural soap you'd rave about it. It's the best soap you've ever used.

Now... make your own handmade doe and add fresh fruit and ingredients. Now your cooking... or should I say baking. And if you don't screw up the dough... because it's easy to do... you have a delicious pie that's far better than the alternatives above. Couldn't be better! Or could it?

Finally, lets take it one step further. Let's make that pie with expertly prepared homemade dough. Let's use the right type of fruit... hand selected and cut to just the right size... with ingredients you've found work best over years of experience... and in just the right amounts you've tweaked over the years to produce a delicious pie that fills the house that mouth watering aroma. Plus... as everyone already knows... presentation is extremely important. So lets let the accomplished baker produce a pie that's just as pleasing to the eye as it is to the pallet. And this is precisely the quality of soap you can expect... consistently... from the master soap makers at Blackberry Creek Handmade Soap. It's healthy for your skin and pleasing to the senses.

I say again, all handmade soap is not the same. Compare a bar of Blackberry Creek Soap to any soap you've ever tried and discover the Blackberry Creek Soap difference for yourself.



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