Wassail Soap
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My name is Nolan. I do this website for Blackberry Creek Soap. I always try to thoroughly understand the product I'm writing copy for so I decided to look up the word wassail. According to Dictionary.com, wassail is defined as "a salutation wishing health to a person, used in England in early times when presenting a cup of drink or when drinking to the person". But then further down the page I found one of the related words for wassail was "making whoopie"... it's true... check it out for yourself! Now I understand why my wife never lets me go "a wassailing" with the neighbors. Indeed my wassailing days are now restricted to enjoying Blackberry Creek's wonderful Wassail Soap.
Wassail Soap Bar

It's absolutely beautiful with dark, rich colors and the incredible fragrance of oranges and cloves. And the name Wassail is appropriate because when you offer it to your family or friends you are wishing them good health. That's because it's incredibly healthy olive oil soap with coconut and palm oil that is extremely healthy for your skin and an absolute pleasure to use.

So go ahead. Be naughty! Nobody is looking. Go a-wassailing with Blackberry Creek Soaps!

Wassail Soap Bar Wet
Wassail Soap
3" x 2" x 1ΒΌ"
3.5 oz Bar
Ingredients: Olive Oil, Distilled Water, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Orange Oil, Clove Oil, Extra Nutrients

3.5 oz $4.97
1.0 oz $2.97

Wooden Soap Dish
Wooden Soap Dish image
Your soap will last up to 50% longer if you have a soap dish that allows your soap to drain.
$3.97 ea.
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