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Shoofly Natural Deer Fly Repellent Soap & Spray

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Shoofly Natural Insect Repellent Soap & Spray
4.6 / 5 Stars
Shoofly Natural Insect Repellent Soap & Spray
Shoofly Natural Insect Repellent Soap
Shoofly Soap Package
Shoofly Natural Insect Repellent Spray
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Healthy, Effective Deer Fly Repellent

Shoofly Natural Insect Repellent Soap & Spray are unsurpassed for repelling deer flies without chemicals like DEET and harsh ingredients like citronella. Shoofly is safe for children and pets and healthy for your skin. Each soap bar contains over 50% pure extra virgin olive oil.

Developed by People Who Live Around Deer Flies

Deer Fly
Shoofly repels all species of Deer Flies (Horse Flies).
Deer flies, horse flies, black flies, green flies, yellow flies, and mosquitoes can ruin any outdoor activity. Nobody knows that better than the people from Blackberry Creek in northern Wisconsin. So they developed Shoofly Spray and Shoofly Soap. Both are effective, long-lasting, all-natural deer fly repellents that don't use DEET or any other harsh chemicals. Neither contains citronella oil which makes Shoofly Soap safe to use on children. It's also effective on black flies; mosquitoes; no-see-ums; yellow flies; green flies; and all insect pests.

How to Use Shoofly Deer Fly Repellent

  • You use Shoofly Soap like a lotion. You wet the soap, work up a lather, and apply to exposed areas. You don't rinse it off. The soap is olive oil soap and healthy for your skin.
  • Use the spray on your hat, your hair, around your ankles.
  • I use Shoofly Soap and Spray when I visit my daughter in Vermont. The black flies are no sooner over before the deer flies take over to ruin your outdoor fun. Well, I'm telling you that Shoofly Soap and Spray work for repelling deer flies. They dive bomb you from behind like they always do. But they veer off, don't land, and don't bite.

Shoofly Advantages Over Competing Deer Fly Repellents

  • Shoofly actually works repelling deer flies. According to my customers, that alone sets it apart from most other natural and commercial deer fly repellents.
  • It doesn't smell bad. In fact, Shoofly smells good!
  • Here's an advantage that's especially meaningful to the ladies. You're not walking around with a hat full of dead and dying deer flies like you do with the products that have a sticky attractant patch that attaches to the back of your hat. The deer flies are attracted to the patch, land on it, and get stuck. I'm not attacking this product because I think it works. I'd use it if I didn't know about Shoofly Soap. But, unless deer flies come in "your color" and you find wearing deer flies appealing, patches might be something most of us would want to avoid.

Safe Natural Deer Fly Repellent for Dogs

I've been getting a lot of calls asking whether Shoofly Spray is safe to use around dogs. It is. Use Shoofly Spray. Be careful not to get the spray in their eyes and not directly in their ears. But it will keep the deer flies off your dog. Read the reviews.

Effectively Repels Deer Flies and Other Biting Insects

Shoofly is an effective

We have had missionaries use Shoofly Soap and Spray to repel the "super bugs" found in Central and South America as well as Africa.

Shoofly Stops Deer Flies from Biting During Any Outdoor Activity

  • Fishing
  • Running
  • Walking
  • Biking
  • Sporting Events
  • Game Wardens
  • Policemen
  • Mailmen
  • Outdoor Work
  • Hunting
  • Hiking
  • Forest Rangers

Shoofly Keeps Deer Flies Off Horses and Riders

*A special note for horseback riders...
Use the soap on yourself and on the horse! You and horse are both happier. And keeping the biting flies off the horse can certainly lead to a less skittish ride. Help me spread the word. Please tell you riding stable or local tack shop about Shoofly Soap. It's a great product for keeping the blasted black flies away and putting a lot more fun back into your horseback riding. Shoofly is also a must-have for working around your stable.
Shoofly Spray is a great natural deer fly repellent for dogs.
Shoofly Soap doesn't contain Citronella oil like most competing natural black fly repellents. That's important because Citronella may irritate sensitive skin, can cause dermatitis, and is not recommended for children under three years old. The concerns about Citronella seem to be a bigger deal in Canada and Europe than in the United States. But why worry about Citronella when there's an all-natural, incredibly effective black fly repellent that doesn't use it and is safe for everyone of all ages with or without sensitive skin?

Watch this YouTube Video to find out how to apply Shoofly Soap and to see how it's not noticeable, greasy or sticky when it dries. To repel black flies and other insect pests, you simply apply a lather of soap on your skin and don't rinse it off, like a lotion. It dries clear and is invisible. And you'll smell great instead of smelling like insect repellent.

Use Shoofly Spray on your hat and socks together with the soap for the best protection.

You can safely use the spray directly on your skin as well. Using the spray only is more convenient because the soap requires that you have a source of water to wet it. But the soap is more effective than the spray because the lather has a higher concentration of ingredients.

How much do I need?

One bar of Shoofly Soap is enough for one person to use and repel black flies for the entire season. The amount of spray you need totally depends on how you're using it and I can't predict how much you'll need.

Can Shoofly products be used with sun screen?

No. The fragrance of the sun screen can render it ineffective.

Must Shoofly Soap or Spray be reapplied after you've been in the water?

Yes. Shoofly products are not waterproof.

How long does it last before you have to reapply it?

It depends upon several factors. How much do you sweat? Your personal body chemistry can affect how long it lasts. Were you in the water? If the black flies start to bother you just reapply it.

Do I need to use both the soap and the spray?

No. But it's best if you do. Shoofly Soap puts a higher concentration of ingredients on your skin than the spray. Use the spray on your hat, the ends of your sleeves, and around your socks. Having said that, a lot of people use the spray only and are completely happy. But from my own experience, if I had to have one or the other, I would want the soap.

Are some people bothered by black flies more than others?

Absolutely. You can have four people standing on a golf course and have one constantly being bitten by black flies while the others are not. It's a matter of body chemistry. Fortunately Shoofly Soap and Spray work extremely well for the vast majority of people with that "oh so special" body chemistry.

What else can I do to help keep black flies from bothering me?

Avoid dark colored clothing like dark blue or black.

Does Shoofly Soap and Spray smell bad?

No. I've only had two or three complaints about the fragrance. Most people actually like it. But no... you're not going to smell like insecticide. All the ingredients in Shoofly Soap and Spray can be found in most kitchens.

Can Shoofly be used on dogs?

Yes! It works great for dogs... and horses too!