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Linen Spray
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4 oz
Autumn Harvest
A blend of apple, cinnamon, pumpkin, blackberry, distilled water, polysorbate 20 (nontoxic emulsifier) and alcohol.
Cedar Ingredients coming soon.
A blend of green apple, pineapple, strawberry, clove, cinnamon, pimento, cardamon, vanilla, balsam fir, a hint of rose, distilled water, polysorbate 20 (nontoxic emulsifier) and alcohol.
Citrus Floral water, distilled water.
Honeysuckle Ingredients coming soon.
Kate and Emma's A blend of mandarin, lavender, chamomile, neroli, lily of the valley, musk, sandalwood, distilled water, polysorbate 20 (nontoxic emulsifier) and alcohol.
Lavender Ingredients coming soon.
Vanilla Ingredients coming soon.
Sweetgrass & Sage Ingredients coming soon.
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Blackberry Creek Linen & Room Sprays use all-natural essential oils create healthy, incredibly fragrant sprays that are good for your mind and body.
You'll love Blackberry Creek's all-natural linen and room sprays because they share something in common with their incredible soaps... the incredible fragrances. Their never too strong. The fragrances are wonderful but never overpowering. Whether it's turning back the bed covers, opening the linen drawer or just walking into a room, people tend to say the same thing. "That smells really nice". It's probably the best way to describe them. They put the mass produced commercial room sprays to shame.
Blackberry Creek linen spray doesn't contain any harmful chemicals like most commercial products. The only ingredient that is not a true all-natural ingredient is polysorbate 20. But it is derived from Coconut Oil and is recognized as the best nontoxic way to dissolve natural essential oils and distillates in water. It's healthy and completely friendly to the environment.
The natural essential oils and distillates used in these fantastic linen and room sprays are good for both your physical and mental well-being. They have a calming effect that improves your mood ... helps you relax... get a more restful and peaceful night's sleep.
Blackberry Creek Linen Spray is available in eight fantastic fragrances. You'll want to try all of them. And you can afford to try them because they're just7.97for a 4 oz spray bottle. That's less than half the amount charged for many similar products for a product that's incredibly healthy and smells twice as good.
They're also a great value because they are extremely long-lasting... you'll find out a little goes a long way.