Muscle & Joint Cream
"Blackberry Creek Natural Muscle & Joint Cream with Helichrysum is the most amazing pain relief product...
all-natural or otherwise... I've ever used..."
Natural Muscle and Joint Pain Relief Cream with Helichrysum
Long-Lasting 9 oz Jar

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Infrequently the cream will separate in shipment if it's exposed to extreme heat. It's not ruined. Follow this simple procedure:
  1. Thoroughly stir the cream with a small spoon or mini whisk.
  2. Cover and place in the refigerator for 20 minutes.
  3. Remove from the refrigerator and thotoughly stir it again.
  4. Cover and place in the refrigerator for another 20 minutes.
  5. Remove and give it a final stir. It should now be a light pink color.

Again, this doesn't happen often. But if it does this is the solution. You won't have any additional problems with separation.

Blackberry Creek's Natural Muscle and Joint Pain Relief Cream is a truly amazing product because how well it relieves pain and how quickly it works. My name is Nolan and I do the website for Blackberry Creek. I have the pleasure of using all of Blackberry Creek's products because if I haven't used a product I can't very well write about it... at least honestly... and that's the only way I'll write about anything I sell.
Natural Muscle and Joint Pain Relief Cream Open

So far all Blackberry Creek Products look and work great and I don't think you'll find better natural products anywhere at any price. But some of their products absolutely amaze me... not only from my experience as a user... but also from the feedback I get from customers.

Blackberry Creek's new Natural Muscle and Joint Cream is the newest product that falls into the category of totally amazing products. I got to try it on my bad, arthritic knees a month or so ago as it was in development.

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I wasn't expecting it to work because nothing has worked well in the past. But I rubbed it on my knee joints and got immediate relief! I mean it works that fast and that well I thought it couldn't be this good and that I was imagining it. But then a walked down stairs... which always causes my knees to hurt...
and there was no pain!

This product started selling before I even put it up on the website. There's a young man who works for Blackberry Creek Soaps who runs cross country for his high school. He had injured himself while running and asked if could try the Blackberry Creek Muscle and Joint Pain Relief Cream and he got instant relief. He was so impressed that he took it home to show it to his family who happened to be hosting a family get together. A family member who manages a tennis club and who suffers from joint pain tried the Muscle & Joint Cream and she got immediate relief and wants to sell it at the tennis club. It's truly amazing.
"5 Stars RatingI love the Muscle and Joint Cream. It works. I have tried many of the over the counter creams, like the one containing aspirin and others which did not help at all. I still have the tubes sitting in a drawer. When I first bought the Muscle and Joint Cream I was skeptical but one use and I knew it helped. I have arthritis in my neck and shoulders and I use the cream before bed. It really helps me get a good night sleep without pain. I find it works much better than taking extra strength acetaminophen. I would recommend this product to anyone. Thank you." Dawn B., Rhinelander WI 5/14/14
Folks, this stuff really works. It's creamy and non-greasy. It absorbs quickly... penetrates deep to quickly relieve your pain... and it doesn't smell bad at all. And the reason it works so well is that it has the finest all-natural pain relieving ingredients. And while some natural pain relief creams may have some of the ingredients as Blackberry Creek's Muscle and Joint Cream you won't find a product that has this many.
Blackberry Creek Natural Muscle and Joint Pain Relief Cream Ingredients:
(Aqua) Shea Butter (Butyrospernum Parkii) Moisturizing and anti-inflammatory
Evening of Primrose Oil (Oenothera Blennis) Contains the essential fatty acid GLA which reduces joint stiffness and swelling and effective in reducing the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.
Sunflower Oil (Helianthus Annuus) Moisturizer and provides a protective barrier against infections.
Avocado Oil (Persea, Gratissima) Helps ingredients penetrate deep into tissue to reach the source of pain.
Olive Oil (Olea Europaea) Aside from the benefits of olive oil for your skin it also helps to dissolve and carry some of the ingredients not dissolved in water.
Rosehip Oil (Rosa Mosqueta) Regenerates skin cells to reduce wrinkles, scars and spots on skin.
Quaternium-79 (Hydrolyzed Silk Protein) Superior skin conditioning properties and helps skin retain moisture.
Vegetable Glycerin Usp Emollient that feels cool when applied to the skin.
Emulsifying Wax NF Causes oil and water to bind together into a smooth, creamy emulsion.
Citric Acid Tocopherol (Vitamin E) Strong antioxidant
Sodium Hydroxy Methylgly Cinate Preservative
Phienoxyenthanol and Caprylyl Glycol Preservative
Juniper Effective treatment for rheumatism and arthritis
Menthol Provides temporary relief from muscle and joint pain by replacing the pain message with a cooling sensation.
Sweet Marjoram Provides pain relief from arthritis and strains and sprains.


Perhaps the most powerful natural pain reliever that actually helps to correct the source of the pain. It's very expensive but an indispensable ingredient in making the best pain relieving cream on the market. Dr. Oz recently talked about helichrysum being one of the best treatments for pain.
Peppermint Pain reliever and cooling effect.
Wintergreen Produces a feeling of warmth to relieve muscle and rheumatic pain.
Distilled Water  

If you have muscle or joint pain you owe to yourself to try Blackberry Creeks Muscle and Joint Cream now.
You'll never be sorry that you did.

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