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All Soap is $ 4.97 / 3.5 oz. Bar
2.97 / 1 oz. Bar
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Note: Just because a soap appears in the Men's Favorite Soaps category does not mean that women don't enjoy and buy them too. It's just that men tend to buy these varieties.
Note: Just because a soap appears in the Women's Favorite Soaps category does not mean that men don't enjoy and buy them too. Women tend to buy just about every soap we sell. But here's some they seem to particularly enjoy.
All Blackberry Creek Natural Soap is good for moisturizing your skin. But the best is...
  • Real natural soap doesn't contain chemical preservatives. Typically, natural soap has a shelf life of one year if it's stored properly in a cool, dark place. When you buy natural soap in a store there is no way of knowing how long the soap has been on the shelf.
    Certainly there are reputable soap stores that have high inventory turnover and freshness is not a factor. But buying directly from the manufacturer in most instances guarantees the soap you're getting is fresh.
  • We make our soap in small batches. We want it to be fresh. Occasionally, this causes a delay if we have an unexpected rise in demand for a particular soap. And we will never rush the 6 to 8 week curing process.