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Chocolate Raspberry Soap

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Chocolate Raspberry Soap
Chocolate Raspberry Soap
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3.5 oz* $4.97
3" x 2" x 1.25"
1 oz* $2.97
3" x 2" x .4"
*There are slight variations in the weight of each bar. But the weight is guaranteed to be at least the weight shown.
Wooden Soap Dish
Your soap will last up to 50% longer if you have a soap dish that allows your soap to drain.
$3.97 ea.
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Blackberry Creek Chocolate Raspberry Soap is handmade natural soap that looks and smells exactly like delicious chocolate raspberry brownies. It's extremely healthy for your skin. We make all our handmade soaps from scratch in small batches that are hand-stirred and cold-processed to preserve vitamins, antioxidants, and moisturizing glycerin. You won't find better handmade natural soap.
I got a box of assorted gourmet brownies from one of my vendors last Christmas. One of the incredible flavors was Chocolate Raspberry. Folks, they were wonderful, amazing, and of course, extremely fattening. But I'm telling you, the Chocolate Raspberry brownies looked and smelled exactly like Blackberry Creek's new Chocolate Raspberry Soap!

So here's a chocolate raspberry flavored treat that's healthy for you and not fattening.
It's a pleasure to use. It lathers up quickly in the hardest water. It gets your skin clean fast without drying it out or removing the natural oils. And the whole time you're using it you have that visual and fragrant experience of chocolate raspberry. You'll be tempted to take a bite, but you don't want to do that!

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO);
  • Coconut Oil;
  • Palm Oil;
  • Beeswax;
  • Essential Oils;
  • Fragrant Oils;
  • Etra Nutrients;
  • Distilled Water; and
  • Sodium Hydroxide
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