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Sandalwood Soap
Sandalwood Soap
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3.5 oz* $4.97
3" x 2" x 1.25"
1 oz* $2.97
3" x 2" x .4"
*There are slight variations in the weight of each bar. But the weight is guaranteed to be at least the weight shown.
Wooden Soap Dish
Your soap will last up to 50% longer if you have a soap dish that allows your soap to drain.
$3.97 ea.
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Blackberry Creek Sandalwood Natural Soap is olive oil soap that’s beautiful and has the wonderful, long-lasting fragrance of freshly cut sandalwood. Each bar contains at least 50% extra virgin olive oil. All our soaps are handmade in small batches, hand-stirred and cold-processed to preserve vitamins, antioxidants and moisturizing glycerin.

I guarantee you that this is some of the best... if not "the" best... sandalwood soap you'll ever find. I love the fragrance, and I guess I'm not alone since it been used throughout history for over 4,000 years in religious ceremonies and cosmetics around the world. The wonderful sweet, woody fragrance of sandalwood oil is long-lasting in both the soap and on you. A now with the new way Blackberry Creek mixes the pattern through the entire soap it looks beautiful throughout the entire life of the soap.

But it's more than just great smelling, beautiful soap. The fragrance of sandalwood is said to reduce stress and anxiety and promotes more sound and restful sleep. Seriously, is there anyone who couldn't benefit from this with everything going on in the world right now? Do yourself a favor and shower or bath with it before bed. And the olive oil, coconut oil, and shea butter are great for nourishing and moisturizing your skin.

Sandalwood oil also has antiseptic and antimicrobial characteristics that make it excellent for treating blackheads and acne. They say it's good for reducing skin spots. Studies that show sandalwood oil can help prevent skin cancers

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO);
  • Coconut Oil;
  • Palm Oil;
  • Shea Butter;
  • Musk Oil;
  • Sandalwood Oil;
  • Amber;
  • Distilled Water; and
  • Sodium Hydroxide
5 5 / 5 Stars
"I especially like the Sweetgrass & Sage Soap, Sandalwood and Acai Berry. I just haven't tried any others yet, But I'm sure I'll Fully enjoy them when I do!!:) Your faithful customer for life, ..:))" , Oakdale, CT